Germany without any doubt had and still has strong impact in to health care, and a large number inventions have improved diagnostics and treatment methods. Nowadays the technology is going to the limit with amazing results. Complexity is going up, as well workload and responsibity.

But the patient benefit, as the treatment success is steadily going up by vast improvements in imaging, therapy planning and beam delivery by precise and reliable treatment units. 

dosepoint is inventing, searching and collecting solutions which are simple and smart. 

In particular we are looking for solutions which are simple, but also capable of full functionality in far future Radiation Therapy environment.
They all should be robust, precise, versatile and reasonably priced. As we design and produce in Germany we want to mark our expectations in quality: high.

So no compromises in the core function of the equipment, but new ideas on how to handle it.


Smart products made and distributed by dosepoint.

RT-smartTOOLs are the Next Generation of devices for RT Plan Verification and all QA tasks you can think of. 
The combination of simple tools opens the wide range of applications, from Imager QA to Linac QA for KeV, therapy beam and all geometrical parameters in between. 

It is so simple, use the RT-smartIMRT as 'Virtual Patient' and check the entire process chain in Radaition Therapy, from Imaging in CT/MRI to dose verification with single, multiple detectors or 2D-Arrays.

RT-smartTOOLs include special components for SRS, Particle Beams and more, RT-smartTOOLs are like LEGO® , we add more stones for extended use. As we are good and fast in mechanical design, we can create new and specific components from your drawings in short time at reasonable costs. 

This outstanding versatility, precision and robustness is a true innovation, and makes the smartTOOLs ideal not only for daily use in RT departments, but also for Education and Research in University Hospitals.

RT-smartTOOLs are provided by   

The 'virtualPATIENT' is a subset of the RT-smartTOOLs and simulating a patient for End-to-End Process QA. 

If the Tumor is static inside the patient body or moving during breathing, if it is big or of small volume for stereotaxy, there are just a few component which allow to do fast, efficient, comprehensive and precise quality assurance for the entire RT treatment chain, starting with the Imaging on CT, MRI or PET. 

The RT-smartIMRT with it's body size cylindrical shape is the perfect host for 'virtualTUMORS' made of 3D printed plastic, movingSKIN as respiratory motion phantom with movingTARGET for simulating lung tumor. 
And smartSTAXY is the simple and handy solution for sterotaxy. 

And as we know how to make very special 'virtualTUMORs' we can provide even printed objects for Auto-contouring and Image merging/fusion QA.

The charming side effect of RT-smartTOOLs: modify the virtualPATIENT to standard QA or dose verification device in just 2 minutes.  So simple!

RT-smartTOOLs including the virtualPATIENT are provided by   

The dose.point smartXXX family is a set of basic but versatile modules for device QA and dose verification in modern Radiation Therapy. The RT-smartIMRT is the most versatile tool as it can be combined with other devices for most comprehensive and efficent QA.

The Euromechanics Easy Cube is a modular phantom and can be configured for different shapes and tasks. Components can be used together with dose.point products, so more even more versatility at reasonable costs. 


dose.point provides basic equipment for dosimetry in Radiation Therapy. We have RW3 and acrylic phantoms which are compatible to all detetctors on the market.  

And we have a set of ion chambers of our own and are able to design and manufacture special detectors on request.


dose.point provides provide a number of useful accessories, for lifting, moving and storage of phantoms and devices.

Please have a look. 


Euromechanics medical is specialized in QA for diagnostic imaging systems, and so offers tools and devices for X-ray, CT, CBCT, MRI, photometry and more.

dose.point is transferring a number of EMM products to RT-QA by keeping the functionality, but with size as RT-smartCUBE.  


NUVIA Instruments as former S.E.A. is an experienced German manufacturer of radiation protection and nuclear measuring equipment. The products cover contamination control, dose rate monitors as required for installations in radiation Therapy, and as well devices for Nuclear Medicine 

dose.point completes it's product range with S.E.A. equipment and provides expert solutions for RT QA and radiation control.


ManagedPhysics is a German company with a wide range of services for facilities related to ionizing radiation. MP carefully selects German physicists with long term experiences in differend disciplines of Radiation Therapy and health physics to solve problems on-site. Certified experts provide knowledge in designing bunker layouts based on radiation protection calculations, suggest configurations for radiation monitoring/control and much more.