• Universal tool for standard slab phantom plates in the 30 x 30 cm format

  • A basket with 2 strong handles, for transportation and storage in the shelf.

  • A simple mechanism for automatically aligning the stacked plates.

  • Laser marks on the basket

  • Space for note on the basket with crucial information about Linac setting, phantom configuration and expected dose.

  • Standard material as used in RT, and quality mass components as handles and hinges, office supplies.

RT-smartSLAB is so simple, transportation, storage and QA of measurements with slab phantom plates in one simple device:

Absolute dosimetry in a basket ! 

  • Cradle with 2 handles, made of 1 cm RW3 plates. Strong straps hold the weight and work as hinges for the 2 side shells with handles.

  • Wedges on the side shells allow automatic alignment on the plates, just by closing the basket.

  • Engraved lines allow alignment to the room lasers.

  • two mm-scales on the side shells allow quick verification of stack height, for backscatter, chamber plate and build-up

  • 4 tranparent plastic pockets with note cards allow to write the settings for each individual measurement task.

  • The stack height for each task can be marked on the pocket with waterproof feltpen, for eays control.

  • The basket side shells can be tightly fixed by a velcro strap for storage.

  • With fixed shells the phantom can be used also in vertical position, so for measurements at 90º and 270º gantry angle.

  • 50mm plates with handles can be stacked inside or underneath the basket, as additional backscatter.

So simple!


The main application of course is Absolute Dosimety as daily check, for all Linacs, energies and modalities.
The RT-smartSLAB allows measurements also at gantry angles 90º and 270º, as the phantom can be positioned vertically on the couch.
Using the scales on the phantom you even could do measurements at gantry angle 180º.
Adapter plates for all ion chambers and disode detectors onthe market are available

For measurement with the farmer chamber in the 'effective point of measurement' an adapter plates with a shift of 1.5 mm is available, resulting in minimum depth of 10 mm in the phantom, and further 1mm increments.


As the smartSLAB is designed for 30 x 30 cm plates, a number of phantoms in the same format can be used as well:
RT-smartFILM: for IMRT verification based on Film dosmetry in all 3 planes
  • Chamber plates for various detector types

  • 'Effective point of measurement' adapter plate for Farmer, other chambers on request

  • RT-smartIMRT phantom for IMRT Verification and beam QA

  • RW3 plates of any thickness on request

  • Phantom Dimension:                     32 x 47cm, 17cm high

  • Footprint (baseplate):                    32 x 32 cm

  • Total weight (full/empty):              approx. 17 kg / 2,8 kg

  • Phantom material                          RW3, density 1,045 g/cm3

  • Suggested useful range:                Photons: 60Co – 25MV, Electrons: 5 … 25 MeV