Dosimetry with proven equipment from manufacturers which are not that well known:

Euromechanics medical has designed and manufactured dosimetry products as phantoms and ion chambers for the wellknown brands as Wellhofer and IBA since about 15 years.

Located close to Nurenberg in South-East Germany Euromechanics is the expert in fast development of complex electro-mechanical medical equipment. With a network of manufacturers of precise componeten made of RW3, Acrylic and tungsten new product ideas can be converted fast to prototypes, which are close to production models. Euromechaincs is specialized in design and production of Multi Leaf collimators which are marketed by PE Collimators.

The Easy Cube phantom is a versatile phantom, which can be used for measurement and verification tasks in stereotactic and conventional IMRT situations. It has been developed in cooperation with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany.

The Easy Cube serves a complete, fast and accurate dosimetric verification – on the one hand for measurements with high-energy photon radiation, on the other hand for measurements of CT. It is able to accomplish measurements which are necessary in the context of the quality assurance within complex irradiation techniques with only one as universally as possible arranged phantom.

Euromechanics 'EASY SLAB' phantoms are acrylic or water-equivalent RW3 slabs, available in different thicknesses and as adaption plates for all ion chambers on the market for absolute dosimetry.

Euromechanics is producing ion chambers as contract manufacturers since many years and so experienced in this delicate technology.
A set of flat and thimble chambers in standard formats are available, waterproof and with proven long term stabiliy.
More models are under construction at the moment with small volumes for scans in water phantoms and stereotaxy.

The chambers come with a calibration certificate.

The EASY LIFT is a cost efficient alternative for positioning water phantom tanks below the gantry.