RT-smartTOOLs :

     The Next Generation of QA devices in Radiation Therapy


K E E P    I T    S I M P L E  !

It all started with the RT-smartIMRT as universal Phantom for sophisticated QA and Verification.

The pictures above shows the variety of modules which can be combined for various tasks in RT verification and QA.

And now it is getting BETTER!  

Quality assurance for the entire RT chain, starting from Imager all way through to beam delivery,

opens a new chapter in RT-QA: End-to-End process control



The RT-smartTOOLs APPLICATIONS:              The RT-smartTOOLs MODULES:



There is a variety of jobs to do in order to keep all equipment in RT in good conditions. RT-smartTOOLs are a set of simple devices, easy to operate and efficient. 
Tools that mimics patients in a thousands of reproducible setups allow to check the entire RT chain, from imaging to beam delivery. 

This is a new and unique feature of dose.point RT-

K E E P   I T   S I M P L E  !