RT is getting more complex and more accurate, more machines and devices are involved and so more work for securing constant high quality for all units involved.

dose.point offers a tool set which easily cover all tasks in QA and verification. You have 2D-Array and use it already for therapy beam QA and plan verification? Great! All array models available fit perfectly inside the smartIMRT, and from the beginning you can make QA and verification on rotational beams without any higher efforts. 

Other devices from manufacturers, as test objects or detector systems? As long they can combined with RT-smartTOOLs you extend the use from static to rotational, for traditional treatment up to latest treatment technology.

RT-smartTOOLS start from the Imagers, as CT or MRI, and cover the entire range up to pre-treatment verification.  And virtual tumors make every step transparent and repeatable.

This universal phantom now can be converted to a 'Virtual Patient' by adding the RT-smartCTQA and smartCUBE-VT. VT stands for 'Virtual Tumor' which are 3D-printed objects which look in CT as tissue.
And NEW: smartIMRT can breath now, with a tumor moving inside in 3D.


RT-smartCTQA is a RW3 block with a lot of holes in it.
The main purpose is providing space for inhomogeneity inserts for QA of CT-imagers. 
But it can do much more, built-in test patterns allow fast geometry and distortion checks.  

RT-smartCTQA fits inside the smartIMRT in different orientations, and the smartCUBE in different orientations inside the smartCTQA. Additional test objects or virtual Tumors allow to tailor the configuration for best and easiest QA on Imagers as CT, CBCT, MRI and PET. 
As result smartCTQA provides a multitude of different useful status information at a time, ideal for long term device quality checks.   


The RT-smartCUBE with edges of 7 cm has a good size for containing different functionality. smartCUBE fits inside the smartCTQA and inside smartIMRT, opening a variety of capabilities for QA on devices and dosimetric verifications. 
3 smartCUBE families are available:
   1. with tungsten objects for basic geometry tests as ISO accuracy.
   2. with Virtual Tumors as constancy test object for End-to-End process QA.
   3. with specific resolution, contrast, distortion and signal test for imagers.


This is NEW: the upper smartIMRT segment is replaced by a ribcage with simple and effective mechanics, which simulates breathing motion of chest and abdomen independently. smartIMRT can breath in a very uniform way, adjustable and smooth in its operation for testing gating and tracking devices.
smartIMRT as breathing virtual patient, so simple.


It is getting even better! Coupled to the same movingSKIN mechanics a vitual tumor is moving in 3D inside the smartIMRT box. With small volume ion chamber and pencil beam it is easy now to check tumor tracking and gating. 


RT-smartSTAXY is the latest add-on to the smartTOOLs family. It is installed in a minute to the rear end of the smartIMRT and fully compatible with the smartCUBE family. 
Of course smartSTAXY fits to common head fixations, and is available with a smart flip-flap box, installed on the patient couch in a minute. 
RT-smartSTAXY and the combination with smartCUBES allow End-to-End QA for stereotactical applications, from Imagers to Radiosurgery beam delivery. 


RT-smartIMRT as QA-device or even for Verification? Yes, smartSLAB can easily be converted to a cubical phantom and even placed on the couch vertically! So the combination with smartCTQA and smartCUBE VT make a simple and useful phantom, easy to carry from imager to simulator to treatment unit.
So simple!


RT-smartQA+ is a universal device for Linac QA and suitable for use on the couch, but also inside the smartIMRT and rotating with the linac gantry.
Check congruencies of room lasers, light field, crossheir, radiation field, ISO center, Imager beam direction, geometry, resolution, contrast, distortion with just one universal device. Including IGRT and in the standard 30 x 30 cm format. 

RT-smartQA is the 1st version of a simple but universal phantom in standard 30 x 30 cm format. The base are standard RW3 plates, and the inserts are made of tungsten welding electrodes in order to keep the production costs low. 

Congruency of Laser, lightfield, radiation field, EPID and even QA of Imager are the main purposes, and smartQA can be combined with the 2 inserts below.

You are working with expensive GafChromic films? Take the passport photp punch and use unused film sections fro quality QA.

So simple.

RT-smartFILM is so simple, but useful for high resolution IMRT verification when rotating with the beam inside the smartIMRT. Use the high resolution of film also for stereotactical applications with small and high dose rate fields.
RT-smartFILM is compatible with different film types and formats, also small film cuts. Open the phantom as a book, a needle is included, as a simple stand for vertical use, as for star tests.
So simple!


smartCART was designed für moving the heavy smartIMRT, but is perfect for storing and movig the entire set of smartTOOLs.


Easy Cube is a versatile QA device with many optional shapes and functionalities. smartIMRT is the 'rotating' brother, the smartTOOLs use already a number of Easy Cube components, as the Inhomogeneity inserts for smartCTQA.