• A compact and universal cubical phantom which fits inside the RT-smartIMRT, 7 x 7 x 7 cm
  • Manufactured with the full precision of CNC machines as structural element or just container
  • for tests of geometry, positioning, distortion, resolution and contrast
  • with 'Virtual Tumors' made in 3D-printing, for Process QA, with smartCUBE inside smartCTQA inside smartIMRT: The 'Virtual Patient'
  • for End-to-End QA in the RT chain, from imager to beam delivery including Stereotaxy

All started with RT-smartCUBE-ISO  as multifunctional tool for checks of a variety of geometrical parameters.

The cube in the format of 7x7x7 cm seemed to be handy as it fits well inside the smartIMRT phantom.

Now the smartCUBE consists of 3 different families:

1) smartCUBE-ixx for isocenter geometrical checks as smartCUBE-iso and smartCUBE-iwl 

2) smartCUBE-vtx with virtual tumors made by 3D printing, for patient simulation on End-to-End QA procedures.  

3) smartCUBE-qxx for quality checks. with test objects for resolution, contrast and distortion tests on imagers as CT, CBCT and IMR