• Instead using small films, as in RT-smartQA+, use big ones for different kind of dosmetry, verification and QA tasks.

  • The pin needle for film marking should be inside the phantom

  • Simple stand for vertical operation

  • Compatible to RT-smartSLAB and RT-smartIMRT.

Two 10 mm standard RW3 slab phantom plates with 30 x 30 cm footprint, connected with a hinges made of velcro tape and fixed by small magnets.
Machined with CNC-Tools, high precision, all parts fit perfectly together.

So simple, nothing more to say.

RT-smartIMRT with its 20mm thickness can be opened like a book for film insertion and fixation.
After closing the magnets squeeze the film, which can be marked with the needle from the back.

This is done in a minute and the RT-smartFILM is ready for dosimetry, geometry checks, IMRT verification and ISO-center tests.

Use is for QA as standalone device on the couch, flat or vertical, with the same magnetic stand which is used also for other dose.point products.

Or inside the smartSLAB phantom with defined buildup and backscatter, also in vertical position.
Or inside the RT-smartIMRT for IMRT verification of conformal up to lates Arc/fff beam delivery, fixed in the isocenter or rotating with the gantry.

For checking the ISO center accuracy of the Linac just place it vertically on the couch top, facing the foot end, and irradiate with fan beam from different gantry angles.

RT-smartFILM is an enecpensive device, and very versatile. Just smart.
  • Film dosimetry

  • IMRT verification

  • Position and size check of ISO centre sphere

  • Congruency checks of room laser, light and radiation field

Phantom dimension:               33 x 30 cm, 20 mm high

Total weight:                           approx. 2 kg

Phantom material:                    RW3