The RT-smartQA is a very simple device for basic congruency checks at field size of 20 x 20 cm. But there is enough space for additional features in the 30 x 30 cm footprint, and so the smartQA can accommodate 2 different inserts.

The upgraded RT-smartQA+  should have the conguency check option also for smaller field size of 10 x 10 cm, and more features in order to check geometrical, resolution and contrast parameters for MV and keV beams, and this simultaneously for IGRT.

As the smartQA the RT-smartQA+ set should include a passport punch and the triangular stands for check at 90º and 270º gantry angle. 

The RT-smartQA+ is simple as just 2 RW3 plates and a number of tungsten absorbers. The complexity is in the production as the plates need to be machined on 5 axis CNC machine tools, at high precision. The inserted tungsten pins are centered in order to give sharp images at SID=100.

The basic functions for field congruency checks of the RT-smartQA+ are identical to the RT-smartQA. However the checks can be made also at field size of 10 x 10 cm. For inserting the films the RT-smartQA+ can be opened as a book.
Pre-irradiated GafChromic films, already used for IMRT verification, can be used another time at no costs. The non-irradiated parts at the outside are just cut out with a passport punch to pieces in 35 x 45 mm size. They can be used twiced, the date can be noted on the film, so a simple methode of archiving.

The 4 hinges are simple, just pieces of Velcro tape. So the smartQA+ is open for additional plates which maybe come in the future.

The tungsten patterns for field sizes 20 x 20 and 10 x 10 cm are the same, but the film orientation is rotated for 90º. So again it can be seen from irradiated film on which of the 8 locations it was used.

But the patterns can be seen easily also on EPID, and with it the field size marks for geomety and distortion check. This can be used as well for the keV-Imager.

The 2 lines of boreholes are low contrast test which are using different diameters at constant depth, or constant diameter at different depths.

Just for the keV imager is the high resolution lead test in the centre of the phantom.

The 2 triangualr stands with insered magnets allow linac checks also at gantry angles 90º and 270º, and when you want to have checks on other angles too the smartIMRT phantom is the right tool. It rotates with the gantry and can be positioned to follow the Therapy or kV-Imaging beam.
  • Congruency lightfield - crosshairs

  • Congriency crosshairs- room laser

  • Congruency lightfield - readiation field, with film or EPID, at field size 10 x 10 and 20 x 20 cm

  • Geometry/distortion check for EPID installations with tungsten marks

  • Geometry/distortion check for EPID/kV-Imager installations,

  • resolution check for kV-Imager with lead test, 20 line pairs

  • ISO-plane leveling MV - keV

  • SID check MV - keV





Phantom dimension:                               30 x 30 cm, 20 mm high
Total weight approx.                               2 kg
Phantom material:                                   RW3, tungsten
Lead resolution group test:                     20 groups 0,6 ... 5,0 LP/mm