• A very simple plate phantom for basic Linac QA made of standard RW3 plates 

  • With tungsten absorbers made of mass production parts: welding electrodes

  • with simple pattern that can be seen on films and EPID

  • and a simple was to use up expensive Gafchromic films which are just partly irradiated

  • and also for vertical use

  • RW3 plates with standard 30 x 30 cm dimension, machined by precise CNC machine tools

  • the machine tools with 5 axisas the boreholes for the tungsten absorbers have to be centered

  • Cutting device for film pieces

  • and a spare plate in the middle for additional features, in the 16 x 16 cm format as Easy Cube

  • simple triangular plate cuts as stand

The function of the RT-smartQA is so simple: The shadow of small absorbers in the upper plate and the Linac collmators are projected on film or EPID, after the phantom has been carefully adjusted to lightfield, crosshair or room laser beams, using a precise pring on top.
The lower plate accommodates film pieces in the 35 x 45 mm format, which can be cut out from bigger films by a standard punch, normally used by photographers for passport pictures.

Due to the working principle the evaluation of lightfield/radiation field congruency can easily checked with the film pieces inside the phantom, a big film below or an portal imaging device.

The film pieces, which can be used twice, are easy to archive, as name card. Just write the date on it. The location of the film in the phantom can be seen by indicator marks. Very simple.

There is space inside for 2 types of inserts plates, Insert_EPID and Insert_EPID-IMG. The plates have a 16 x 16 cm format and can easily be inserted by the customer.
Two triangular cuts from RW3 plates can be fixed to the phantom by small magnets. So the congruency checks can be performed at gantry angles 90º and 290º. Or at any gantry angle inside the smartIMRT rotational phantom.
  • Congruency lightfield - crosshairs

  • Congriency crosshairs- room laser

  • Congruency lightfield - readiation field, with film or EPID

  • Geometry/distortion check for EPID installations: with Insert_EPID

  • Geometry/distortion check for EPID/kV-Imager installations, resolution check for kV-Imager : with Insert_EPID-IMG