virtualPATIENT :

     The Next Generation of QA devices in Radiation Therapy


It all started with the RT-smartIMRT as universal Phantom for sophisticated QA and Verification.

Now, with just a few modules, the smartIMRT can be converted into a patient for comprehensive quality checks. 

Quality assurance for the entire RT chain, starting from Imager all way through to beam delivery, opens a new chapter in RT-QA: End-to-End process control.

As the  
virtualPATIENT can be configured in hundreds of setups the variety of different tumor simulations is almost endless. The 3D-printing process of

virtualTUMORs allow the production of customized objects, and this for clinical use, research or education. 

Read more in the new 'virtualPATIENT' brochure.

And have a look at the links below for the virtualPATIENT main components:


 virtualTUMOR          movingSKIN            movingTARGET            smartSTAXY



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