. . . is a head sized phantom made of 2 acrylic main parts. A simple sliding mechanics connects and locks the parts and makes handling very easy.

The nose is both handle and position marker and allows to utilize fixation systems as for a patient. 

Inside the smartSTAXY is space for 2 smartCUBEs, which means a huge variety of opportunities for device and process tests.

The first idea was as simple as the design: a cylindrical phantom fixed to the rear side of the smartIMRT, which is holder, counterweight and cable support. 

So with the smartIMRT as 'virtualPATIENT' is breathing body and head, and can be used for entire End-to-End RT process verification, from Imager to beam delivery. 

smartSTAXY of course can be used without the smartIMRT phantom, as stand-alone device for use with head supports, masks and other equipment which is used for patient treatment.


Another elegant solution is the smartSTAXY in a smart box, which is for storage, transportation and counterweight for the measurement. 
Placed at the head end of the patient couch, it takes only a moment to bring the phantom into a perfect position for precise QA tasks.