The demand for cancer therapy is growing worldwide. Only few countries are wealthy enough to provide state-of-the-art radiation treatment to the entire population. For the majority of people on our planet the infrastructure is insufficient, but on a way of steady improvement. Where money is short, the equipment is basic and due to the high number of patients the workload high. 

There is no doubt that a good knowledge of radiation beam parameters is the base of successful cancer treatment. There is a lot of accurate equipment available, the established manufacturers focus mainly on the high end market with complex and expensive systems, loaded with gadgets. As the technical solutions are proprietary, there is no chance for combining products from different manufacturers.


The Idea:

Make it simple!

Devices for every day use, robust and precise, easy to operate, versatile and compatible for most other existing products, high quality but yet reasonably priced!

My name is Ulf Dudziak, I am the founder and General Manager of dosepoint and based close to Heidelberg in Germany.

I'm German and my education background is a university degree in Physics, with diploma thesis at CERN/Geneva for development of ionization chamber detectors for the LEP OPAL experiment.
The measurement of radiation is one of my core interests since 1982. 

In year 2000 I received a 2nd degree of Medical Physics with focus on Radiation Therapy. 
I am working in this field since 1996, and after Helax and MDS Nordion for 9 years as Sales Engineer for dosimetry manufacturer PTW-Freiburg in the Asia-Pacific region.
The last 4 years until end of 2010 I was based in Hong Kong as founder and General Manager of PTW Asia-Pacific.

In this huge sales area I have seen all types of RT-departments, in very rich and very poor countries. Clinical dosimetry with direct contact to the Radiation Therapy Departments in many hospitals is my life since 25 years now.


The Company:

dosepoint was founded in 2011 and is located in the center of Europe as it's sales region. dosepoint creates the ideas and 1st product layouts, the development and production is performed by Euromechanics GmbH due to CE standards as German ISO certified manufacturer of medical products. 

Asia Pacific somehow is one of the roots of dose.point. In order to bring all the products (and some more) to this region we have founded an office in Singapore: dose.point Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. in July 2014.

dosepoint: we bring dosimetry to the point... competent, focused, affordable