Close to customers and close to applications, robust and precise products, easy to use and combine.
Compatible to established products and with fair pricing. 

The initial concept was to provide clear and simply designed products with basic geometries and basic material. 
So the smartXXX product family have the shape of cylinder, cylinder segment, flat slab, cuboid or cubical, in standard dimensions and geometrically matching to each other.

This building blocks have been the base of a versatile tool set for a wide range of applications in RT-QA.

The main design constraing was to make the combination with standard 2D-Arrays and other products of main manufactueres possible.

The size of the biggest phantom, the RT-smartIMRT, is determined by the compatibility to the 2D-Array 'MatrixX from IBA.


water-equivalent RW3 for volumes relevant for dosimetry.
PMMA for structures required with mechanical strength.